EJ (Emma Johnson) of EJs Encounters

Who am I?
"I'm a mermaid in a human suit !"
My name is EJ and I have had salt water seeping into my veins from a very young age. 
Having spent the last decade of my professional career on, in or under the surface of our oceans I have deepened my love and respect for the ocean and all creatures within it!
I believe we get an awesome opportunity in our brief lifetime on this blue planet to connect with the wild and wonderful and it is my life passion to do that whole-heartedly and my honour to share those experiences with you. When you immerse your body & your mind underwater, you enter a whole new exciting world. One that we humans know very little about.

EJ with Fins on Beach sunset-7896.jpg
EJ & Humpback Whale Calf-9003.jpg

My goal is to inspire people through my imagery and to help bring awareness to the education, conservation and protection of our precious marine life.


I extend this profound experience to others by offering journeys to incredible oceanic locations where they too can experience close heartfelt encounters with the wild and untamed beauty of these amazing animals.

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